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Our Aims for Abraquest

Abraquest is looked after by Philip Johnson who is the director of Johnson Software Design Limited and Spherical Software Limited.

As related on the History of Abraquest page, Philip has been involved since 2005, and first and foremost aims to continue with Maeve's excellent service, but on a much larger scale by reducing prices and adding features.

The latest incarnation of Abraquest is almost half the price of the original, is downloadable from the internet and has online help and user guides meaning you don't need to employ a chartered librarian for a couple of weeks to set it up.

Our Aims:

We would like to win a much larger market share by being competitively priced while offering the best features on the market covering what customers actually want their library system to do, which is keep track of library books. Abraquest does this very well and has many more features as a result of doing its core thing, such as pupil history and book usage reports.

We always will price Abraquest components individually and make costs optional where possible, so that the customer is in control and can choose whether or not to buy an individual part of Abraquest.

We don't employ a sales team, which ultimately you the customer have to pay for. Instead we try to communicate through this website and the software itself, what it actually does, so it can do the talking, and sell itself ideally. Having said that most customers need a quick chat to ensure they have got their facts right before purchasing!

If a feature is added which increase costs, we will always make this an optional add on, so customers will not be forced into buying.

We will continue to develop and maintain Abraquest, and not force customers to upgrade. If we ever did have to upgrade for any reason, it would be covered by Abraquest Software Assurance and therefore effectively free. Philip doesn't ever see any reason for this because through the correct approach technically, and not employing hordes of juniors like some software companies do, tight control is kept of all aspects of the Abraquest software ensuring it is the best possible product at any cost.

If you need a feature which we don't have or make a suggestion, rather than charging you for it, we cover it under Abraquest Software Assurance where possible, and give you a months free software assurance for each and every suggestion you make that makes it into the software.


Download the 30 day Trial

30 day trial versions of Abraquest now available. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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