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Abraquest Software Assurance 1 Year

This product offers customers the following:

  1. Free access to all major releases of Abraquest during the period the agreement is in force, giving customers access to all new features for free.
  2. Unlimited telephone help and advice with a service level agreement where we guarantee to respond to any questions you have within a given time-scale.
  3. 25% discount on all site visits for book input, disaster recovery and training - excluding our travel expenses.
  4. 10% discount available on all Abraquest bar-code products.

N.B. Minor / maintenance releases are free to all customers. Major releases are usually chargeable, unless the customer has purchased this product.

For further information, please download the leaflet on Abraquest Software Assurance.

Abraquest Software Assurance (1 Year) - payable up front

AbraQuest chosen small.jpg
Abraquest Software Assurance (1 Year). Price shown is for customers saving two monthly payments by paying yearly. If you wish to pay monthly by standing order at £9.95 + VAT per month, please contact us.

Price: £149.95

Download the 14 day Trial

Download the 14 day trial version. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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