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COVID-19 Best Practices for School Libraries

This page is being developed to contain the best advice about operating your library in the post Covid-19 world.

We are developing a feature for Abraquest this week (01/06/2020)  that allows you to quarantine books that are returned for a number of days. It not being possible to issue them again until the quarantine period is up. This feature was released on 06/06/2020 - see the Abraquest allows you to Quarantine books blog post.

There are two ways of working this - if teacher is handling quarantined books only, then stopping issues until quarantine has ended for the book could be sufficient. We will also be providing a report so you can place books into a separate quarantine area and the report will tell you when these can be removed and placed back on the shelves.

The other important rule of course must be that children cannot touch books until they decide to borrow them, if they do then the book may have to be placed in quarantine as well. At the moment the way to do that will be to issue/return it with the new quarantine options set.

This page will be developed in the coming weeks into recording the best practices that schools are using in their school libraries.

As always, all updates are free to Abraquest Software Assurance customers.

If you have any suggestions please contact us.

Does your library system do quarantining? Are they as flexible and as easy to work with as us? If you would like to use Abraquest in your library, we can usually get you up and running on Abraquest with all your existing data from your old library system in just a few days.

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