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How Abraquest can Help Protect against Coronovirus

Abraquest can help protect against Coronovirus.

There are a couple of ways that we can currently help:

  1. Laser Scanner always on mode
  2. Quarantine books

Laser Scanner always on mode

Many laser scanners have a mode whereby you place the scanner in its cradle and the laser turns on. You can check by pointing at the desk and seeing if it puts a line or spot on the desk.

In this mode, you can place books under the scanner with the barcode on the line or spot and without touching anything else and Abraquest will scan the book.

Photograph of Laser Scanner

Photograph of laser scanner showing laser "spot".

Pupil Barcodes

Abraquest also has the option of using Pupil barcodes. So pupils can have an id card either personally, or the pupil barcodes are printed on sheets of A4 you can keep in a binder, so to issue a book you can scan the pupil barcode, then scan the book. Of course to return you just scan the book. This minimises interactions with the scanner and possibly mouse and keyboard (although most schools just have teacher touching the mouse and keyboard in these times).

So if you have a laser scanner, it may be worth checking this feature out. If you are not sure how to turn this on, contact support with the model number of the scanner and we should be able to find out for you.

If yours is one of the older CCD scanners, we can offer a new or factory reconditioned laser scanner (depending on model - we only use the very best) for £75 + VAT which is usually around a third of the new RRP. Includes 1 year warranty.

Quarantine Books

Abraquest has the option to quarantine books. You can enter the number of hours quarantine in Configuration Options on the Base Data menu.

With this option enabled, Abraquest has a new location - QUARANTINE - and any books returned are automatically moved to this location (its wise to have a place in the library for this as well). You can then get daily reports from Abraquest to find out which books are to be removed today and put back on the shelves. Abraquest will also warn you if you try to issue a book that hasn't been long enough in quarantine.

Any Other Ideas?

We are keen to hear from any customers who have specific issues or questions and are quite happy to make changes if required to meet these, as per usual, free of charge to Abraquest Software Assurance customers.

If any customers would like a zoom session to talk about the above, all zoom meetings and training sessions are free. Please contact us for an appointment.

Please contact us on one of the usual channels.

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Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson has been a software developer since 1983 and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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