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Current Offers

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Please find below details of all current offers available with Abraquest:-

6 months free Abraquest Software Assurance

Abraquest Software Assurance is available free for 6 months to all new customers, and also existing customers who are on a version of Abraquest before 2.5.0.

6 months free Abraquest Automated Backup

Abraquest Automated Backup is free for the first six months for all new and existing customers. 

Upgrades from Competitors Systems

We can convert all your data including books, borrowing history, pupils, pupil barcodes from other systems for £300 + VAT. This avoids you having to enter book, pupil and reading data manually into your new system. You should be able to use your existing barcode scanners and labels as well. Abraquest is available at £395 + VAT without labels or scanner, so £695, plus possibly a day for training, then the optional £200 per year for Software Assurance and Automated Backup gets you up and running from your old system with almost no effort!

20% Discount for schools buying for more than one library

If you are a school trust or council with more than one school library system, you can save yourself a lot of money by upgrading to Abraquest.

Summer 2017 only offer: we are offering 20% off to all schools purchasing more than one library system. If you are buying more than one system you can take any prices you like from our pricing page and subtract 20%.

This applies to anything you purchase at the same time, including on site installation and training, conversion of data from other systems, everything!

Offer expires 30th September 2017.

Recommend us to Another School

If you recommend a new school to us and they subsequently buy, we will credit your Account with an additional six months Abraquest Software Assurance / Abraquest Automated Backup.

Make a Suggestion

Most people have to pay for software development. Here at Spherical we turn that idea on its head. How? Simply make a suggestion to us for an improvement of some kind to Abraquest, and if it makes it into the product, we pay you, by giving you an additional 3 months Abraquest Software Assurance. If you are an Abraquest Automated Backup customer, you also get an additional 3 months.

Download the 30 day Trial

30 day trial versions of Abraquest now available. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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