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About Abraquest

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Six Reasons to Consider Abraquest

Abraquest is aimed at school libraries and offers easy tracking of books and fully comprehensive library management features.

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Abraquest Pricing

Our mission is to offer the easiest to use and most powerful features on the market at the best possible price.

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Abraquest Customers

Abraquest is installed in hundreds of schools throughout the UK and Europe.

About Us

The AbraQuest school library system was first created in 2005 by Maeve Denny, M.Phil.,B.A.,D.M.S.,A.L.A., a Consultant Chartered Librarian, as an all new upgrade to the Abracadabra system which she had developed over the previous ten years.

Abraquest is installed in many primary and high schools throughout the UK and Europe and is now looked after by its software developer Philip Johnson who owns Spherical Software Ltd., following Maeve's retirement in 2013.

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