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School barcodes with glasses on desk

Quickly identify books

Barcode your books

Adding a barcode to each book allows it to be quickly identified by Abraquest using a barcode scanner.

Abraquest Issues/Returns main page

Choose from 3 methods


Issues/Returns allows you to scan books when pupils take or return. Choose the best method for you from 3 different methods.


Overdue books report window

Monitor late books before its too late

Overdue books report

Abraquest has powerful features to allow you to keep track of books on loan, including reports that can be given to class teachers and letters to parents.

Abraquest Book Search

Locate and reserve books easily

Book search

A keyword based book search allows pupils to find books in the library, see if a copy is in or out and reserve the book if necessary.

Abraquest history dashboard

Obtain insights

Dashboards and reports

There are over a dozen reports and three dashboards showing you everything from the most read books to losses and damages and books that are never borrowed.

Abraquest borrower history report window

View or print pupil history

Pupil Histories

Abraquest keeps full pupil borrowing histories, which can be made anonymous after the pupil has left the school to satisfy GDPR.

Image of Harry Potter Book

Comprehensive cataloguing of books

Abraquest has enough cataloguing to please the most demanding of our chartered librarians!

Features and book fields you don't use can be hidden to save time.

Screen take of Abraquest add books

Add books fast and efficiently

Abraquest uses our cloud database with over 3 million books to save typing when adding new books to your library.

We have worked hard to streamline this process and make it as easy and as fast as possible.

More features

Save time and money

  • Teacher Issues/Returns
  • Unattended Issues/Returns
  • Supports pupil barcodes
  • Restrict number of borrows per class or pupil
  • Print your own barcodes and other labels (or order from us as you prefer)
  • Unattended Issues/Returns

Make the most of your library

  • Easy enquiries, reports and dashboards
  • Identify books not read
  • Book usage reports
  • Comprehensive pupil reports
  • Easy setup wizard to get you started
  • GDPR compliant

Encourage pupil reading

  • Pupil histories
  • See what others are reading
  • Recommendations
  • Pupil usage reports
COVID-19 Graphic

COVID-19 Best Practices for School Libraries

COVID-19 Best Practices

This page contains all our knowledge about COVID-19 and school libraries and how Abraquest allows you to work as easily as possible.

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