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Save time

Abraquest is very easy to use and has many time saving features.

Save money

Abraquest helps save the cost of lost and damaged books. It is also one of the lowest price library systems on the market.

Maximise your library

Information gathered by Abraquest ensures you can make the most of your library space and budget.

Encourage pupil reading

Encourage young readers to make use of the library and discover a lifetime passion for reading.

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Save Time and Money

Use our efficient library management system to save time and money.

Pupil and teacher in the library

Make the Most of Your School Library

Information gathered by Abraquest ensures you can quickly and efficiently make the most of your library space and budget.

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Encourage Pupil Reading

Encourage your pupils to make use of the library.

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Keep Track of Library Books

Comprehensive features so you know if a book is in the library, with a pupil or in a classroom. Includes features to handle lost and damaged books.

Screen shot of Abraquest Unattended Issues/Returns

Unattended Issues/Returns

Abraquest can optionally be used to issue/return books without teacher being in the room although we usually recommend you have a box for returned books, rather than asking pupils to return books to the correct place on the shelves!

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Know Whats Popular

Full child reading history, reports and dashboards allow you to easily see books that are popular and books that are not.

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Hide Features You Don't Use

Most schools don't use all the features Abraquest has. Abraquest allows you to see just the features that you would like to use.

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Quality Software & Service

Abraquest Software Assurance has many benefits including keeping Abraquest up to date. Abraquest Automated Backup to keeps your book data safe. We pride ourselves on friendly, helpful, quality service.

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Book a free no obligation demo today! Our experienced consultant will answer all the questions you have and explain in clear english how Abraquest can help you.