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The next release of Abraquest will have four options for printing spine labels, instead of the two currently available. There are also the letter labels for fiction books that we can provide. This post explains the options available.

Later this week, Abraquest will link with the Google and Amazon book systems, to help save more time when adding new books into the Abraquest system. Users don't need to do anything they should immediately get better results when adding new books to Abraquest.

For June 2017, we are continuing the £50 off on site training, with additional options. Please read on for further information.

Abraquest Software Assurance Customers now get 500 or 1000 free school labels every year.


This post is the first one of two posts that explain what is coming in the next release of Abraquest, including the powerful new Issue/Return features that identify the pupil using a bar code. Other identification methods could be used if customers request them. Post two will appear next week.

A testimonial from another satisfied Abraquest customer has been added to the testimonials page.

This blog post contains a news update on the latest Abraquest developments.

Special Offer: Save £50 on on-site installation and training until the end of May 2017.

News for customers who have been experiencing problems with having to enter the licence key into Abraquest more than once.

The latest Abraquest maintenance release has a number of updates for customers who have slow internet, use Abraquest with multiple users on the same PC at the same time (i.e. use Switch User) or have had issues with having to enter the Abraquest licence key more than once. All users should upgrade to this release.

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