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New Reports Dashboards

Abraquest Release introduces a much easier way of getting at your library data - Abraquest Dashboards. See the information about your library at a glance without having to enter search criteria into reports.

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Happy Christmas and New Year

Wishing all our customers, past present and future, a peaceful christmas and all the very best for the coming year.

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Upgrade to Abraquest from another system for a bargain price

Do you already have an existing school library system? If so are you happy with it? Or are you finding its expensive? Did you know there may be an easy way to change?

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Issues / Returns Gets an Overhaul

After over eleven years of Abraquest, Issues / Returns has received an overhaul. This post explains the changes that have added the ability to record renewals and book losses which will allow Abraquest to report on these events in the future.

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New Media Types in Abraquest

Abraquest has some new media types that allow you to keep track of different types of equipment, e.g. iPads or Musical Instruments. This post explains what to do next for customers who are interested in these types.

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Recent Changes to Add Books

Abraquest has recently had its add books option improved in order to make things as quick and as simple as possible. This post explains the reasoning behind the changes and also reveals some future plans.

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Abraquest Release

Abraquest is released today. It contains an improved search for use when searching for key stage books.

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Modifications to Abraquest Search

This blog post describes the recent changes to the Abraquest Search features, making it even easier to use.

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Abraquest Release introduces Abraquest Automated Backup

Abraquest Release brings Abraquest Automated Backup out of Beta test and also has some improvements and bug fixes partly resulting from the transition to the cloud.

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Recent Updates and Future Plans

Here at Spherical it has been a busy September and October. A lot of work has gone into Abraquest in recent months behind the scenes to cloud enable it, and also as a result of customer feedback. There is a lot more scheduled in coming months as well, which as Abraquest Software Assurance customers will know, is all mostly free to these customers (things that do cost are always optional extras).

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