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Happy Christmas!

Wishing all our customers old and new a very happy christmas and new year.

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Abraquest 2.6.1 is here!

Abraquest 2.6.1 is now available. This is a minor release that contains a few bug fixes found during recent installation work. 

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Abraquest 2.6.0 is here!

Abraquest 2.6.0 is here! With this release, users are connected to the new Abraquest Online system, an online database that contains 2.5 million books, and which will help save a significant amount of time when setting up Abraquest for the first time and adding books from your library.

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Abraquest November Sale

The Abraquest November sale is extended to December 24 on everything apart from the on site setup, which revert back to normal price today.

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Abraquest is Easily Customisable

Abraquest is low priced for a reason; we are aiming to attract the maximum number of customers possible. Not through any lack of features, to the contrary.

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