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Abraquest v3 - 14 new Features

Abraquest v3, by far our biggest release yet is coming soon. Read on to find out what features you might use (listed in no particular order):

Number 1 Checklists. Many schools have parent volunteers. Checklists can be used to see when the last action was performed (e.g. outstanding books reports or letters) and can remind when the next one is due.
GDPR. Abraquest 3.0 has additional features to make keeping compliant with GDPR easier. Number 2
 Number 3 Book Requests. Abraquest v3 can record requests for books from pupils to help you with buying decisions.
Damages. Damage details can be entered. New reports can print out late, lost and damaged books and show the likely culprits so you can take appropriate action, such as charging or limiting books for these people.  Number 4
 Number 5 Demo Data. There is an option on the demo menu (demo databases only so useful only on the trial version of Abraquest) to allow the dates to be reset.
Automatic Backups. Abraquest Automated Backup now has an option where Abraquest will backup automatically when the application is exited. Backups can be kept for 1-5 years (user definable as some councils require only 1 years backups to be saved).  Number 6
 Number 7 Library "Maps". Abraquest can now print out "maps" to put on the wall showing the different library locations and also the colour coding used for Non Fiction books.
Coloured Shelf Labels. These can be printed matching your library colour scheme, or you can just use the default Abraquest colour scheme.  Number 8
 Number 9 Spine Labels. The Abraquest Spine Label print has been improved to cover Fiction as well as Non Fiction books, without additional mouse clicks being needed. You can also filter on the number of characters to print in Dewey Numbers on Non Fiction spine labels.
Keywords. It is now possible to review keywords while adding books, which saves additional mouse clicks.  Number 10
 Number 11 Catalogue Card. One of our schools pointed out you can't actually see the book history on the catalogue card. You will be able to in Abraquest v3! I'm amazed we have managed 15 years without something as simple as that! Thank you very much Beth Jacob Grammer School. An extra month software assurance with our compliments will be coming your way shortly.
Multiple Subjects. Abraquest can now record an additional subject. Obviously you can't have a non fiction and a fiction subject on the same book but anything else goes. Thank you Kennel Lane School for that suggestion. This was quite a big change for us but we don't worry about it, an extra months Abraquest Software Assurance will be on its way shortly.  Number 12
 Number 13 Money Owing for Lost Books. Previous versions of Abraquest can record payments for lost books and not allow the pupil their full book allowance until payment has been received. A new report has been added to easily show money outstanding on lost books. To compliment the new lost books report mentioned elsewhere.
Have I missed anything? Don't forget Abraquest Software Assurance customers get a free month Abraquest Software Assurance for each and every suggestion that makes it into the software.  Number 14

As with most Abraquest features, these are enabled from the base data menu Config Options page. We disable them to avoid clutter so you don't have to look at features you don't use.

We are adding features to the bottom of this list, so it may well be into April before customers get their first look at it, but all the above features will definitely be in it.

Abraquest v3 is free for all current Abraquest Software Assurance customers. It will be chargeable for existing Abraquest customers who are not on software assurance at a price of £199.95 + VAT. So if you are reading this and are not on software assurance, contact us now and save yourself £199.95!!

Have a requirement you don't see a feature for? We don't charge Abraquest customers, on the contrary we give you a free month Abraquest Software Assurance (worth up to £20) for each and every suggestion from you that makes it into the software.

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Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson has been a software developer since 1983 and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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