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Do you have another School Library System? Why not upgrade to Abraquest? Our upgrades are competitively priced. This post explains whats involved and likely prices.

Abraquest has long had a 30 day trial, but it contained an empty database, so to get to know how to use Abraquest required a few hours time to set up. Not only does the 30 day trial now come with a demo database, we are announcing today new videos of the demonstration database and a 30 Day Trial Getting Started Guide both of which take you step by step through the main features of Abraquest.

Partly due to price increases to the Abraquest Cloud, which is based on Microsoft's Azure system, due to pound dollar exchange rates, the price of the optional yearly subscription is being increased. Effective 01 March 2017. Also the free one year Abraquest Software Assurance and three month Abraquest Automated Backup is under review. Any prospects wishing to purchase your first renewal at the old prices must be a customer by this date.

Some customers are having problems with having to re-enter the licence key in Windows 10 when Abraquest is started. This is caused by User Account Control. This post tells your IT staff what can be done about it. 

A demo database containing 200 pupils, thousands of books and transactions over a few years has been added to the Schools Area. This will allow 30 day trial users to view Abraquest in a real life situation rather than a test situation.

Abraquest documentation has been recently updated to be clearer for schools whose librarians cannot install software without enlisting the help of IT admin. This post summarises this installation process for librarians and IT staff.


This post gives some information on the progress with recent major updates to Abraquest and what this is likely to mean in terms of further updates for this month.

We have a new brochure for 2017 that summarises the features of Abraquest with the latest enhancements and includes a price list.

Abraquest has been released today to resolve the problems with the automatic updater. All customers should upgrade to this release. This post contains details of how to proceed.

Abraquest automatic updates are not working this week (02/01/2017 to 06/01/2017).

Download the 30 day Trial

30 day trial versions of Abraquest now available. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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